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Prepare to be Poles Apart in Amsterdam

There are some really quirky destinations in faraway places, and then there is the truly unique appeal of Amsterdam. Infiltrated by nearly 200 canals, the city’s buildings are reputedly supported above the water by around 11 million poles.

So, the fun starts with your bed and breakfast choice and you really need to decide where to stay in this wacky, canal-based city before exploring it in more depth.

Yes, you and your loved ones might well be poles apart in your accommodation, but you’ll be as one in absolutely loving this destination. So much so, you’ll probably plan more trips to Amsterdam before this one is even finished.

There Are A Lot of Uplifting B&B Possibilities

Dam Square and Leidseplein districts are among some of the central, busier, and more upscale places to stay. Jordaan is well placed though, as is the Museum district; and both areas tend to be not so demanding on the budget.

Other visitors focus on the Red Light District and the nightlife attractions of the Old Centre. There are plenty of B&Bs (also written as ‘bnb’) here but, shopping around carefully is essential. Otherwise, and depending on choice, breakfast in bed may not be readily available in some establishments. It’s a fascinating district though and one of the city’s prime attractions, so not visiting it is a missed opportunity.

Weather permitting, out of centre campsites can be financially appealing; and, of course, it wouldn’t be Amsterdam without thinking of booking B&B accommodation on a houseboat.

Then there are those truly outlandish properties. There are stories, for instance, of free-spirited visitors who, probably after tots of the local hooch, Jenever (gin), decide that their own B&B experience on a crane, would you believe, is bound to be uplifting.

While sleeping in a crane hotel is certainly on the list of possibilities, there is a B&B for you in Amsterdam; easily refine your search on trivago to find whatever floats your boat.

Whatever the Weather; There are Always Things to do in Blooming Amsterdam

During the 17th Century, the Singelgracht canal complex became the outer boundary of the city. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage site; so well worth investigating at all times of the year.

Other permanent attractions include, of course, the mind-blowing nightlife which goes on incessantly and is yours to enjoy well into the early hours. If this is one of your chosen attractions, choose a B&B that isn’t too far away, and save on those late-night transport costs.

Flowers are, of course, more seasonal and maybe the seemingly endless tulip fields are the pick of your bunch of things to see. Visually, the volume is breathtaking and best experienced between March and May. These Spring months are also the driest of the year, so hopefully no umbrella is required. Flowers generally are big business in Amsterdam and The Netherlands where they account for ten percent of the country’s GDP. What a nice way to make a living, though.

The high season for tourism is the June to August period so, if you are wondering what to do in this city, the answer is that there is plenty, throughout the year, and whenever you want to drop in.

Under Water Re-Cycling Is One of Amsterdam’s Many Quirky Features

Commonsense is confounded in this city where there are an estimated 800,000 or so bicycles, but not as many folks to ride them.

Crazily, there’s another head scratcher in that, every year, an unbelievable 25,000 bikes are thrown in to the 60-mile canal system, but only 8,000 are ever pulled out. So, 17,000 bikes every year, are lodging on the canals’ bed.

Incredibly inconsequential, maybe; but these facts form a small part of Amsterdam’s slightly unreal character. They typify the endearing nature of its citizens and make you want to return time and time again.

See you here soon, or as these Amsterdammers say; tot ziens.

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