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Hotels CN Tower, Toronto CN Tower

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    Hotel CN Tower
    Located in Downtown Toronto, the CN Tower is easily accessible by bus and rail. Parking is provided at the nearby Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Details of the tariffs for the various attractions are available at the website. The information desk opens at 08.30 and general visiting hours in winter are from 09.00 until 22.00 daily, extended until 22.30 on Fridays and Saturdays. At 553m, this is the tallest building worldwide.

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    Reviews CN Tower
    Views from the sky
    From linzeeloulabelle (28) (21/05/2012)
    As soon as I had decided to go to Toronto, I began looking up things to do and see while I was there. Visiting the CN Tower was on the very top of my list! == History == The CN Tower actually stands for Canada’s National Tower, after the railway company who built it, which was something I didn’t know until I actually visited this amazing attraction. When the tower was completed in 1976, it became the world’s tallest freestanding building at a ...
    Excellent view, great food, lots of fun!
    From hannah_i (27) (05/07/2011)
    From the high speed lift/elevator ride, to the revolving restaurant, glass floor and viewing platform - the CN tower is definitely THE attraction in Toronto. The restaurant may be on the pricey side, but with great food & service, it's worth treating yourself to! The glass floor is (of course) extremely safe, but is probably not something for anyone with a fear of heights - definitely a knee-wobbler! I would recommend going in the evening - that ...
    Walking on air
    From magdadh (44) (09/04/2010)
    he CN Tower (Canadian National) is a major Toronto landmark and one of the most iconic if perhaps not the most iconic building in Canada. Built as a television tower in 1975, it is the second tallest free-standing structure in the world at 553m, and quickly gained enormous popularity as an attraction in its own right. Although the tower as a whole is 553m metres high, the main observation platform and restaurant are located at 346m metres ...
    The CN Tower Tour
    From jaygami1986 (28) (14/08/2009)
    So this next review is about my experience in the CN tower, when I visited Toronto Canada. I had visited a number of big attraction sights in Toronto, but this was one of the one's that a enjoyed extremely. It was fun, exciting, bold and out of this world, it was a plus that I wasn't afraid of heights, so for anyone who does suffer from vertigo, it might be a challenge to visit this place. I had been to Toronto once before, however I was only 8 ...
    Reviews more than 5 years old CN Tower
    Be afraid, very afraid...
    From yummy_mummyx (39) (29/01/2009)
    Despite my fear of heights, I wouldnt have missed the opportunity to go up the CN Tower. The Canadian National Tower in Toronto is still the worlds tallest building standing an impressive 553m high and has the worlds largest revolving restaurant inside although we didnt fancy the idea of eating as we spun round and round! I exaggerate just slightly as it takes 72 minutes for the restaurant to revolves all the way around once. Tickets were ...
    The nearest you'll get to Outer Space!
    From TheDaz (38) (05/11/2008)
    'Attention! If anyone is more than a little bit scared of heights - please move along, there's nothing but knuckle-stiffening, mind-melting fear to be had here.' That, I believe, is what the signs on the front of the CN Tower lifts should say. Glass floored and walled I ask you - are they trying to find uses for their defibrillators?! The Tower, at various points since it's construction in 1976, the World's Tallest building, World's ...
    Dizzy heights of Toronto
    From toombsey (48) (10/02/2008)
    When you visit the CN Tower you can purchase several ticket types which take into account the different levels available on the tower as well as some additional entertainment. You ned to be aware of what each has to offer in order to choose the best ticket for yourself. The main observation deck is called The Lookout and this is where the best views are. There is also the Glass Floor which as its name suggests is a glass floor you can stand ...
    A cliche worth experiencing
    From hugoburge (42) (11/01/2008)
    I was reluctant to go do the CN Tower but whilst in Toronto... and I was not disappointed. In fact I would recommend it as one of my most memorable experiences in Toronto. There is nothing like a view to give you a flavour of what a city is all about. The ticket was suprisingly pricey and that was partially because I opted to go to the very top. It is a dilema but my advice would be this, if you are on a tight budget then shove going to ...
    How High??!!
    From tartlette (31) (06/06/2007)
    If you asked most people to name an attraction in Toronto then the CN Tower would probably come top of the list. It is an icon of the city and a massive tourist attraction. So is it worth all the hype? HISTORY: The CN Tower or Canadian National Tower is described as the 'Canadian Wonder of the World' and with good reason. The Tower was built in 1976 by Canadian National and was originally designed to be used for transmitting TV and radio ...
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