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Hotels Postojna Cave, Postojna Postojna Cave

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    Hotel Postojna Cave
    Postojna cave, in Slovenia is an underground cave which has been attracting adventure seekers for almost two centuries now. There are guides available to take you through the cave and special guides and equipment are available for those who want to go into the depths of the cave. The cave has a lot of history including a fairytale dragon tale of Jami the good dragon. Adventure visits to the cave, which involve boat rides and chances to explore the caves can be organised, but have to be booked three days in advance. Visitors are equipped with protective clothing, harnesses and shoes including other clothing wear. The Postojnska visit can last from 4 hours to 6 hours depending on the difficulty of the visit. Along with the caves there are many other attractions including castles. There are many educational programmes, adventures and events that take place here, as well as sports and recreational activities. Prices range from 18 euros for adults to 9 euros per child.

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    Reviews Postojna Cave
    From martanikolova (30) (04/01/2012)
    Postojna Cave is an excellent place to visit. I had so much fun there! It is very big and you even take a small underground train, which is something I saw for the first time in a cave. Really great place and it should not be missed by anyone visiting Slovenia.
    Postojna - 'ome to the olm
    From fizzytom (43) (22/06/2010)
    In 1818 a man fell down a hole just outside the small town of Postojna and discovered what would one day become Slovenia's most popular tourist attraction. In taking a tumble, he found the entrance to the largest cave in Slovenia; it was known before then that there were caves there and the 'graffiti' around the 'north entrance' shows that people knew of its existence as early as 1213 but no attempt was made to explore any further until the ...
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