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trivago has been combing the globe and conducting thorough Quality Tests to comprehensively assess the quality and service of hotels. This results in fuller, more transparent hotel profiles on trivago, offering you more insight as you search for your ideal place to stay. More than 600 hotels in 20 major European cities have undergone the trivago Quality Test so far – and this is just the beginning. The in-depth ratings and findings, conducted by real travellers who stay in the hotels, can be easily spotted in the hotels’ profiles, offering you more clarity as you conduct your own search.

Even more details on the hotel profile

With trivago Quality Test profiles, there’s nothing left to the imagination. Testers rate each hotel based on up to 400 test criteria, and the results are summarised in simple strength and weakness points, index ratings and comments. What’s more, hotel services are clearly highlighted and the survey goes into the hotel’s character, atmosphere and special attributes. There are even suggestions about which kind of traveller would feel most at home there! All in all, you have the chance to see exactly how the tested hotel measures up against its competitors in terms of room, bathroom, bed, staff, activities and gastronomy, just to name a few.

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Even more filtering options

You want it? You got it.

Love a big bathtub? Interesting interior design? Parking space? trivago makes it possible.

trivago’s new and advanced preference filtering option is currently available for the following cities: Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Cologne, Milan, Rome, London, Barcelona and Madrid.

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More than 500 Tested Hotels so far

How can you tell if a hotel has been tested?

Hotels marked by the small blue box near the smiley face are those that have already been visited and rated by 20 or more Testers.

Simply click on this symbol to see an in-depth rating of the hotel, its services, functions and feedback directly from guests who stayed there.

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What is a trivago Quality Tester?

trivago Quality Tester are travellers like yourself that share their hotel experience and assess the service quality of hotels with the help of a detailed online questionnaire. On travellers can choose from 20 European cities and select their travel dates and all available test hotels will be listed. By clicking on "Test hotel," you can register to be a Quality Tester for the selected hotel.

Quality Testers fill out a questionnaire with up to 400 test criteria before and after their stay. These criteria include travel behaviour, booking habits and the traveller's preferences and in regards to the hotel, includes rating the various hotel areas, features and offered services. The tester answers the individual critiera mostly on a scale from "strongly disagree" to "strongly agree."

In return, the tester receives an incentive between £30 and £70 for the test report.

Read more in our FAQs!

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How can you become a trivago Quality Tester?

Testable hotels are shown in the search results with the trivago Quality Test incentive - a highlighted orange line (as seen in image). You can go directly to to see an overview of all available test hotels.

How it works:

Choose a hotel with Quality TestRegister with your name and emailBook the hotel at the normal priceForward the booking confirmation to out the preliminary questionnaireComplete the Quality Test questionnaire onlineReceive the incentive in cash in your bank account
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Which hotels can be tested?

trivago offers hotel tests throughout Europe.

Currently, hotel tests are available in the 10 largest cities in Germany and the 10 most popular European metropolises. You can find an overview of all test hotels in all cities at

1Choose a city
2Select travel period
3Find a hotel
4Click "Test hotel"
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What testers say about trivago Quality Test

trivago interviewed travellers who already participated in the trivago Quality Test programme and now share their experiences. Watch the video now.