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Hotels Museum of Lincolnshire Life, Lincoln Museum of Lincolnshire Life

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    Hotel Museum of Lincolnshire Life
    The Museum of Lincolnshire Life houses the largest collection of artefacts in the county relating to the culture of its people from the mid 18th century through to the present day. The aspects covered include crafts, transport, agriculture and industrial heritage, as well as domestic culture and community. Within the museum there is a section that covers the two World Wars in the county and there is also a genuine First World War tank on display. The admission charges for the museum are: Adults - £2.20 (3.5 Euros) Children - £1.50 (2.75 Euros) Concessions - £1.50 (2.25 Euros) Family ticket - £5.90 (9 Euros) Discounts are available for large groups. The museum is open between 10am and 5pm daily between April and September, but it is closed on Sundays between October and March. The museum is fully accessible by disabled visitors and includes toilets that are equipped for such visitors along with baby changing facilities. Leaflets are available in various different languages and also in large print and Braille. There is also a gift shop and tearooms.

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