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      Hotel Romantik Seehotel Sonne Küsnacht
      GeneralThe Romantik Seehotel Sonne welcomes their guests today as 350 years ago with a very special ambiance. Experience tradition and modern spirit, charm and personalized service. Get away from everyday life and treat yourself to a stay at the nice shores of Lake Zuerich. The Romantik Seehotel Sonne is since 1641 as eclectic and inviting as your wishes are: A romantic hideaway for a short vacation at the lake, a location of inspiration for your next seminar, the finale for your future wedding celebration, a business trip to Zuerich or a cozy tête-à-tête - experience our Hotel and its one-of-a-kind symbiotic architecture of old and new. Cordiality and commitment, expertise and advertence - our employees and we will take care of your desires every day. We can greet many guests, only after their first visit, as regulars. This makes us very proud and happy. As much as your visit will. The first evidence of the Inn Sonne was found in a certificate from 1941. The couple Hans Ulbrich Alder and Anna Barbara Schaedler incurred the Inn with a grant agreement from two lords from Zuerich, this grant also included the rights to the tavern. The lovely tower is assumable from the 14th century. With the inheritance of the Inn by the daughter Elisabeth and her husband Heinrich Guggenbuehl an alliance was formed with the Guggenbuehl family that should last over two hundred years. An incomparable story of the evolution of a modern enterprise with Hotel and Restaurants from a simple Inn. Caring for art is one of the main traditions at the Sonne. Paintings and sculptures by Alois Carigiet, Jean Tinguely, and international artists as Julian Schnabel and Andy Warhol can be admired throughout the entire hotel. Even prominent guests like Thomas Mann and C.G. Jung already acquired impulses and thoughtful ideas from this cultural variety with original work of art The magic of our 40 individual rooms and the bountiful suites will inspire you. Business people, lovers and vacationers stay in a unique location with comfort and panoramic view. Our affinity for details welcomes you. The Sonne Chef has gathered his ideas and elaborated a sense for taste nuances in years of training. The delicacies that he and his team create daily are manifold, elaborated and individually arranged. Discover our beautiful parlors, the rooms and the ballroom. Wall paintings, tile stoves and homey wood enwrap your seminars and banquets. Bet on great compliments for your next seminar and banquet.
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