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Hotels Olde Fleece Inn, Kendal Olde Fleece Inn

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    Hotel Olde Fleece Inn
    The Olde Fleece Inn in Kendal is generally accepted as being the town’s oldest pub. Located on Highgate right in the heart of the town centre it is a timber framed building, that is the only remaining example in Kendal of a jetted first floor building, which protrudes out over the lower floor and is supported by five pillars. The date of the building 1654 is displayed on the adjacent building, which was once part of the inn. Originally called the Golden Fleece it is known that by 1772 it was a popular stagecoach inn, with 6 rooms and stabling for 28 horses. The Fleece Inn Yard at the rear of the building and the adjacent Old Shambles Yard both date from 1656 and this area is now used as a terrace with wooden tables and chairs when the weather is fine. The Old Shambles Inn no longer exists, but could originally be accessed from the Fleece Inn as they shared the same entrance. The Olde Fleece Inn, its Yard and the Old Shambles Yard are all Grade 2 listed buildings.

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