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    Dublin is the capital of Ireland and stands on the estuary of the river Liffey where it meets the Irish Sea. It has the reputation of a friendly, fun-loving city, and the availability of cheap flights and the proximity of the airport to the city centre have made it popular for booking short city breaks.Visitors will find a wealth of accommodation choices and a wide variety of rooms. Traditional hotels such as Westbury and Clarence co-exist with the more modern Skylon, Harcourt and No 31. Luxury hotels are available as are 3 and 4 star, budget hotels, B&Bs and a youth hostel for backpackers. It is a compact city so there’s no need to go far from the city centre to find good deals and offers. First port of call for visitors is the pubs for which Ireland is famous, and the Guinness Store House to learn about and taste the national drink. The most popular part of the city is the Temple Bar, the oldest area where most of the nightlife is to be found. Cultural enthusiasts will find plenty of churches, museums and, of course, literary associations.

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