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Ano Vouves Travel Guide

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      Hotel Elia Traditional Guesthouse Ano Vouves
      On the slopes of a hill with a view over the Mediterranean, in the middle of an olive grove and next to the oldest olive-tree in the world, there is a two hundred year old historical building, which they have converted into the traditional hotel"Elia".You can search and search for a word or phrase to describeElia- but you won't find it. You'll have to go there to discover its innate powers of natural serenity. You may want to ponder on your description as you silently sway in one of the hammocks which hang beneath the huge oak trees in the grounds, fed by the underground streams which make the whole ofEliaparticularly verdantTraditional wholesome food is served, using only local produce, and the entire operation is run by the gently people ofElia, who meets quests and explains how to benefit to the full from your stay at this unique heavenA walk around Elia is itself an experience. Wander around the ruins of a Venetian house, sit on the stone benches with their panoramic views or simply wandering through the olive groves and orchards which encircle the main building.A short walk from Elia is also the oldest living olive tree in the world, some 2,500 years old. The guests of Elia are advised on a series of walks which can be taken from there, some guided, which can lead to waterfalls, hilltop Byzantine churches- or simply to enjoy ruralCreteat its finest. Near to"Elia", are the beaches ofKolimbari, Falasarna and Balosor a drive through the mountains will take you to the south-coast, famed for its beaches and where you can also take a whale and dolphin-spotting cruise.History The memory of an exquisitely-restored farmhouse with its nine enchanting suites This place has offered a peaceful refuge to the members of the Cretan resistance during the stormy history of Crete since 1860.
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